About Me

My name is Ashli Cook and I'm from Austin, TX. I reside and started my business there.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's in Fine Arts for Studio Art '10 and a master's in Advertising in the Texas Creative sequence '12 for art direction.

I love to design things and make compelling work. I'm inspired by many things: art, vintage, music, great copy, interior design, DIY design, bold colors, HATCH show print, screen printing. I'm obsessed with typography, vintage backgrounds, perfect leading and kerning, great compositions, painting, photography, getting my hands dirty.
Most importantly, I love great branding and design.

From an early age, it was clear I was destined to be an artist of sorts. Growing up, my private studio teacher for 8 years, Joe, taught me how to explore art and the world around me and never once hindered my creativity or my sense of the big picture. I painted for many years until college and then decided to put design to use on a virtual canvas through advertising and design. 

I am founder of Ashli Design + Studio and Creative Director. Ashli Design Studio is a independent, strategic branding and design studio. We give brands personality and make them memorable. We can help with your business design needs and offer a full range of services from print to digital design. Branding is an emotional experience that people want to engage in and be a part of. Brilliant branding takes courage, but we can help you step out of the box and create a brand your customers will love.